The Cascade Room - A Vancouver Bar

I recently had the chance to photograph the Cascade Room which is a unique bar/restaurant located in Vancouver. The Cascade Room offers a great selection of beers and cocktails with a British Pub inspired menu and is a part of the Cascade Company which owns two other restaurants, The Union and El Camino's, each of which offers something different.

The Cascade Room Exterior

When I first saw photos of the Cascade Room I absolutely loved the unique look of it. What especially loved was the great atmosphere it provided. This bar looks even better in person! It is evident that a lot of thought was put into the interior design, with some excellent choices in décor.

The Cascade Room Bar

My two favourite things would definitely have to be the bar and the lounge area. The bar is definitely the centrepiece of the place and features a variety of a different drinks. I especially liked how the menu and their offerings were written in chalk above the bar which adds to the authentic look.

The Cascade Room Bar

Next, I absolutely loved the lounge area in the back, which has a very nice ambiance to it. Everything from the beautiful red wallpaper to the unique pieces of art all tied together quite nicely. After seeing this lounge area, I knew that it would translate very nicely in the picture.

The Cascade Room Lounge
The Cascade Room Loung

This was the first time that I had the chance to photograph a restaurant and I'm very pleased with how the final photos turned out. Normally when I photograph something new for the first time, it's a great learning experience as I learn a lot through the mistakes I make. Surprisingly for this photoshoot, there aren't too many things that I would do differently apart from some very minor tweaks to the photos. For the past couple months I've been researching restaurant photography and I think all this research definitely paid off. That combined with the Cascade Room already being photogenic definitely helped as well.

The Cascade Room Bar

Taking photos of the Cascade Room was an awesome experience and I look forward to delving more into restaurant photography. If you're ever in the area, I would highly recommend checking it out!