13911 Malabar Home Twilight Photoshoot

Back in August I got the chance to work with Team McKnight of Bay Realty and photographed the exterior of this beautiful White Rock home. I was asked to do a Twilight shoot and once the lights came on and the ambient lights went down, this house truly came alive.

Malabar House Front Exterior.jpg

This newly built luxury home is incredibly well built and the Builder and Architect did a remarkable job with it. Everything from the wooden arches to the landscaping and lighting was impeccable.

Malabar House Front Exterior #3.jpg
Malabar House Front Entrance #2.jpg
Malabar House Front Exterior #2.jpg
Malabar House Front Entrance.jpg

I absolutely love the design of the steps leading up to the main entrance and the choice in door was an excellent touch.

Just when I thought this house couldn't get better I walked to the backyard and was blown away. The backyard featured this beautiful outdoor kitchen complete with a stainless steel Napoleon grill. The centrepiece of this area was of course the unique table fire pit. This area would truly be perfect for late night Summer barbecue's.

Malabar House Backyard Patio.jpg
Malabar House Backyard Patio #2.jpg
Malabar House Backyard.jpg

If you want to learn more about this beautiful architectural masterpiece, be sure check out Bay Realty's listing (check out the interior as well)!