Showshaa - The Modern Taproom

A couple months ago I had the chance to photograph a new Indian restaurant, Showshaa - The Modern Taproom located in South Surrey, BC. From the moment I stepped foot into the restaurant I knew that it was unique and one of a kind. The restaurant is designed very well and it's evident that a lot of thought was put into every little detail. The interior design is truly incredible with some great choices in decor. 

The first photo I took was an exterior shot looking into the restaurant. Ideally I was hoping to take this photo during blue hour but nevertheless I think this photo turned out great and does a good job of showcasing the full restaurant.

Showshaa Front Exterior

After stepping inside, I knew that I needed a photo which highlighted these beautiful lights which lead to the main entrance. I can't say that I've ever seen lights like these and I loved the look of them.

Showshaa Interior

It's hard to choose a favorite photo from this photoshoot but I think it would have to be this overview photo of the interior. This is the view immediately when you enter the restaurant.

Showshaa Interior

Next we have this private area in the back with the booths. I love the contrast between the cherry red booths, the yellow lights and the brick wall in the back.

Showshaa Interior

One of the big highlights of this restaurant would have to be the bar, which acts as an incredible centerpiece. The bar features a great assortment of liquor and craft beers on tap.

Showshaa Bar

In the back they also have a separate private room that can be booked for parties up to 20 people. My favorite thing about this particular room were the excellent decor choices, specifically the chandelier and the Hookah in the back.

Showshaa Interior

Showshaa also features a beautiful outdoor patio complete with a fire pit. Along with the private room, the patio can also be booked for private functions. 

Showshaa Patio

Not only is this restaurant very beautiful, the menu is certainly very unique, with some new and interesting takes on some popular Indian dishes. I haven't had the chance eat here yet but I've heard nothing but great things about the food, and the reviews do speak for themselves. After discussing the background of the restaurant with the owner's, it was interesting learning about their thought process for the menu and why they chose certain items. This restaurant is certainly one of a kind and if you're ever in the area, I would highly recommend checking out Showshaa!