Second Photoshoot!

About a week and a half ago I had the chance to photograph another portrait session (my second one ever) and I was really looking forward to it! For this photoshoot, the makeup and hair styling was done by Jesse Thandi-Dev and Raman Chohan of Divine Artistry and the model for this shoot was the very gorgeous Tanpreet Parmar. Got to say, Jesse and Raman did an excellent job with the hair and makeup styling! Seeing as how this was only my second photoshoot ever, I still had absolutely zero clue how to properly pose someone (an area that I definitely to work on), and luckily Tanpreet was an absolute pro who knew exactly how to pose and needed no direction whatsoever! 

For the last photoshoot I did, the indoor photos were taken by bouncing a speedlight of the ceiling which produced very natural looking photos with even lighting. Although it looked natural, one thing I didn't like was how there was no catch light in the eye and because of this I opted to use a softbox for this photoshoot which produced a nice catch light in the eyes! Alongside the softbox, I used a piece of foam core (with the help of Raman) on the opposite side to bounce light onto the other side. In order to get that red background we decided to use a regular bed sheet which worked perfectly and added some nice color to the background!

This next photo used the same red bed sheet but the light source was positioned closer which produced a completely different effect!

After taking a few photos, we wanted some different looks and needed a new background. I happened to see a painting lying around and decided to see if it would make for a good background. To my surprise, it worked incredibly well and golden colors from the painting even matched the Tanpreet's attire! These next two photos were probably two of my favorite photos from the photoshoot!

Here's two more photos with a different look.

My favorite part of photography has always been the editing and it was no different for this shoot! Although, the photos took forever to edit, I think it was all worthwhile as I am very happy with the final results and how the photos turned out! I have never been a fan of skin retouching where the skin looks fake/plastic and tried to keep it fairly natural looking. 

As mentioned earlier, having a professional model like Tanpreet certainly makes photo shoots so much easier and the final results turned out much better than expected because of it! The editing was also made much easier due to the great makeup/hair job by Divine Artistry!  All of this combined together to produce results that I am very happy with! Which photo's do you like the best?