First Ever Portrait Photoshoot!

A few weeks ago I was approached by Guneet Bedi of Beauty Blend Artistry (a professional Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist) to take a few portraits after a makeup and hair session with a model. At first I was bit hesitant as I have absolutely zero experience taking photos of people and normally take photos of Architecture and Cityscapes which is completely different! I decided to give it a shot, and I think for my first ever portrait session the photos turned out quite nice! I was quite nervous during the shoot as I have no clue about how to pose people but luckily the model Azam Aylaa Nokhandan was an absolute pro and knew exactly how to pose!

The photoshoot started off inside, and for the lighting I decided to bounce a single speedlight off the ceiling which produced some nice and even lighting.

After staying indoors for a while, we decided to head outside to try and get a different look. Luckily it was very sunny that day and we were able to make do with natural light using just a reflector. Because we had spent so much time indoors, we didn't have too much time outside which was a shame as the outdoor photos turned out even better than the indoor shots!

After the photoshoot it was time to edit the photos which is always my favorite part and I was really looking forward to editing the photos. As previously mentioned, I normally take photos of Architecture and Cityscapes, so I wasn't too sure how to properly edit and retouch portraits. I have never been a fan of that Gaussian blur skin retouch which normally ends up looking very fake and because of this I learned how to edit using frequency separation. Frequency separation is an absolutely incredible way of editing that allows you to edit the skin texture and and color separately which makes skin retouching a very simple process and the end result is great! 

Having professionally done hair and makeup and also working with a talented and beautiful model certainly made this whole process easier as well, and overall I am very happy with how the final photos turned out (especially for my first portrait photoshoot)! I can't say if I like taking portraits more than Architecture and Cityscapes, but it was a lot of fun and I hopefully look forward to taking more portraits in the future!

Let me know what you think of the photos!