Canada Day

 This is the first time that I have ever blogged and it surely wont be the last! Two weeks ago it was Canada Day, marking Canada's 148th birthday! On Canada Day a friend and I decided to hike up to Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. This was the first time that I had ever gone there and it was certainly worth it!  The hike up to the Lighthouse was relatively easy and not too strenuous and the views were truly incredible. 

Lighthouse Park in Weat Vancouver

After finishing up the hike, we headed up to Cypress Mountain which has a incredible view of all of Metro Vancouver. The plan was to watch the firework show from this great vantage spot and ultimately get a panorama of the city with some fireworks in the shot. We arrived at the lookout very early in order to secure a good spot, set up our chairs and took in the beautiful view. Looking back we probably didn't have to go to the lookout so early as it didn't really end up getting busy until 8:30pm or. At one point the full moon set right above Mount Baker which was quite an incredible sight. If it hadn't been for my friend who told me to pull out my camera, I would have probably missed this great shot!

The moon over Mount Baker

By the time the firework show started, the whole lookout was absolutely packed with people with barely enough room to move around but luckily we had secured the best spots. While the fireworks went off I took a TON of pictures and when I was scrolling through and showing my friend the photos, he mentioned that it looked like a time-lapse. This gave me the idea to combine a few of the shots into two short time-lapse gifs. 

Fireworks from the Cypress Lookout

More fireworks from the Cypress Lookout

They aren't perfect and I wasn't expecting to make them into time-lapses but I think these ended up turning out quite nice. 

And here's a single shot with a particularly great firework burst. With my telephoto lens I was able to capture a part of the Lions Gate Bridge as well as the Alex Fraser Bridge which is located all the way in Delta!

A shot of the Canada Day Fireworks from the Cypress Lookout

When it was all said and done I think I ended up with one of my best photos to date. This panorama of Vancouver came out to over 90 megapixels!

The Canada Day Fireworks from the Cypress Lookout

Although I wouldn't personally recommend watching the fireworks from the Cypress lookout (mainly because of the crowd and the distance from the fireworks), I would definitely recommend checking it out sometime during night! I'll be posting a lot more blog posts over the next few weeks so be sure to check them out!