Home Preparation Checklist

Prior the house photoshoot, it is recommended that the following items be addressed for best possible results. 


  • Ensure that there are no cars parked on the driveway or in front of the house
  • Ensure that driveways, sidewalks and patios are all clean
  • Ensure that trash cans, lawn/garden tools etc. are all put away
  • Ensure that the lawn is properly cut
  • Remove any toys or pet related items from the yard


  • Ensure that ALL house lights are turned on, including any lamps
  • Replace any burned out bulbs
  • Ensure that any cords are concealed and/or unplugged if applicable
  • Turn all TVs off
  • Remove all family photos and personal items
  • Ensure that all beds are properly made
  • Remove any miscellaneous clutter


  • Clear all countertops of any distracting elements
  • Ensure that countertops are properly cleaned
  • Ensure that sinks are empty and not full of dishes
  • Ensure that any personal items on the fridge are removed
  • Remove any garbage cans


  • Remove any personal items from the countertops
  • Ensure that countertops are properly cleaned
  • Remove any cleaning brushes, toilet plungers and trash cans or hide them from view
  • Ensure that all toilet lids are down